• The EAS Serial cable is very difficult to find. Your best options for finding a purpose built EAS Serial cable are to search Ebay. Please be aware that I am not affiliated with any Ebay sellers. I recommend the EAS Buddy Box to most people as it is far easier to use and works when needed.

  • The EAS serial cable allows users to use any RS232 protocol laptop or PDA to communicate with the Range Rover EAS. This cable is utilized by the EASunlock Software Suite or the other PDA software packages. The cable is fully tested and guaranteed to be without any faults.

Range Rover EAS Serial Cable - How To Make

  • The cable and software are designed to operate with a RS232 Serial interface. If you do not have a RS232 Serial port, you can purchase and adapter that will emulate a Serial port. These adapters typically cost anywhere from 10-15 USD. If you need one, just google "USB to Serial Adapter".
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  • The EASunlock Software Sutie requires the use of a special made EAS Serial Cable. A standard OBDII specification serial cable will not work with the EASunlock software suite. The RSW Solutions LLC EAS Serial Cable is specifically designed to work with the EASunlock Software Suite.

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