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Used to Clear and Read Faults on the

L322 Range Rover Air Suspension and

ABS Computer modules.


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 Model Years (2002-2005).







  • The EAS-ABS Activate MKIII is a small portable handheld device that enables the user to reset the Range Rover Electronic Air Suspension (EAS) computer and the Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) computer. This device is designed to reset the "Air Susp Inactive" warning message that appears on the Range Rover Dash Display. The device will also reset the "HDC Inactive" or "ABS Inactive" messages that can appear on the dash. The device is powered solely by the cars own OBDII interface port and requires no further user interaction. Once the device is plugged into the OBDII port, communication is established with the EAS and ABS computers. The reset commands are then sent out automatically to both the EAS and ABS computers.

  • The Air Suspension computer and the Anti-Lock Brake computer are closely inter-connected. A problem with one vehicle computer will usually result in a fault situation for both. The EAS ABS Activate device is designed to deal with this potential problem by providing communication to both vehicle computers. With the EAS ABS Activate tool you can reset and diagnose a problem with both the Air Suspension and Anti-Lock Brake computers simultaneously.

Range Rover MKIII - EAS-ABS Activate V1 USB

  • In addition to reseting the EAS faults and ABS Faults, the EAS-ABS Activate MKIII will also read the stored EAS and ABS fault codes. After the user has finished resetting the EAS and ABS computer, the diagnostic trouble shooting codes are stored internally on the EAS-ABS Activate MKIII. The EAS fault codes can be retrieved by simply plugging the device into a Windows PC or MAC USB port. Once the EAS ABS Activate MKIII is plugged into a USB port, the retrieved Fault codes can be read in plain english and can be used to further troubleshoot the Range Rover EAS and ABS systems.




  • The EAS-ABS Activate MKIII is extremely easy to use and requires little or no computer or mechanical experience on the part of the user. The device can be kept with the vehicle as a emergency off road repair tool. Anyone of any age or any level of technological aptness can operate this device. Simply plug the unit in, let the unit clear the EAS fault and unplug when done. It could not be simpler.

  • The EAS and ABS warning lights have illuminated because of an underlying reason. There is always a reason for the fault. Sometimes the fault condition has occurred because of a simple transient and temporary sensor problem. In these cases, when the fault is cleared, the fault may not return because nothing with the system is actually broken. While unfortunately sometimes the faults can be triggered because something is actually physically broken with the system. In these cases, then physical problem must be repaired to prevent the fault code from returning. In both cases, the EAS-ABS Activate Tool will help you diagnose the problem and determine if expensive repairs are needed or if just a reset of the system is needed. The reading and clearing of EAS and ABS fault codes is not always the final repair step but is a required step on the path to repairing your EAS and ABS systems.

  • Please be aware, that the unit does not come with a USB to PC cable. You will need to provide your own USB Type A to Mini B USB cable. As stated in the video, these cables are extremely common and inexpensive. The cost for a Type A to Mini B USB cable is anywhere from 1-3 USD. Most people already have these USB cables in their posession. These cables come with most digital cameras and camcorders. They are very common.

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